Established in 1983, Chris’s Body Builders is a quality manufacturer of tipping bodies and tipping trailers to cover all areas of tipping transport in Hardox and aluminium bodies. Located in the north western suburbs of Melbourne, CBB is conveniently located in close proximity to the Western Ring Road and Melbourne’s main Tullamarine Airport and has been for the last 40 years.

Starting as a small family business, CBB has gone from strength to strength and proudly offers a variety of tipping solutions to the transport industry. We work alongside our customers to not only build a vehicle to suit your needs, but a partner you can rely on to support you every kilometer.

CBB stands by its product and guarantees that only the highest quality components and skilled craftsman produce a product which will stand the test of time and provide hassle free performance for years to come.

From 3 axle to 6 axle dog trailers, semi tip trailers, sliders, converter dollies and more, CBB has continued to expand its product range to become the one stop tipper shop .

As expert in PBS, CBB has played an integral part in innovation within the transport industry pushing the envelope which has resulted in increased productivity benefits for our clients

Each unit is handmade and meticulously tested to make sure it lives up to the CBB name. Though we don't do the truck trays anymore and the tippers are a bit bigger now, CBB today is one of Australia's premier tipping equipment manufacturers.